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31 August 2011


Ray Marshall

Declining prices are only part of the solution for getting solar energy into the mainstream. We also need government policies that remove barriers for those that do not have a location to install their own solar panels. Solar hosting farms on government owned lands could open up vast opportunities for residents and businesses that want to go solar, but, do not have a location to install their solar panels. Imagine the amount of capital that could be tapped around the world if governments implemented policies to open up territories to allow solar hosting farms for residents and businesses. I've already written an article on this subject titled "A Framework For Energy Independence Via Solar Hosting Farms" which was published by U.C. Berkeley on August 12, 2009. I also sent a copy of this article to the Solar PEIS and received a response from one of its project managers which included the following statement, "While the solar hosting farms concept presented in your paper is very interesting and would be a nice option for people wanting to utilize solar power, it is outside of the scope for the Solar PEIS." Unless we address the barriers to entry in solar energy, only a small percentage of residents and businesses will ever be able to participate in solar energy, even if the price is way below $1/watt. The only way we can address such barriers is to have governments implement policies granting residents and businesses access to government owned land in order to install their solar panels via solar hosting farms.

Barry Fitzgerald

It was clear to me years ago that it was unlikely Solyndra would ever be competitive and thus the loans should never have been granted. Why was it not obvious to everyone making these monetary decisions? I just hope this does not tar the entire DOE support for alternative energy. China seems to have won by supporting its solar industry.
Isn't it strange that larger amounts of cash USD were lost in Iraq with no accountability and no House hearings or outrage?

Solar panels maryland

When it comes to pollution free future solar energy can be considered the best power source that neither pollute the envelopment like thermal power plants and nor needs to have huge infrastructure like hydro energy plants.

לימודי שוק ההון

This is about one organization declining in a industry that has overtaken all objectives on price decrease. There are essential training to be obtained that are value saying very clearly.

church financing

The gov't needs to keep its hands out of private industry.

Affordable Solar

From the research I've done, it seems like solar power is the way to go. Even a family in my neighborhood has solar panels. they might look funny because they cover their whole roof, but in the end I'm sure they will pay for themselves. Solar power for businesses seems like a good idea too.

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