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14 September 2011


Chris Williams


Great way of thinking about the story. Thank you for sharing and providing talking points that we can all use to rebuke any attacks the industry will receive.

I also love the frame "Solyndra shows the industry is succeeding as module prices have fallen 67% in the last 3 years"


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Wow, thank you for putting the Solyndra case in perspective. There's so much media noise revolving around it that people only see the failure but not in the proper context.

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Some industries succeed and some do not, nothing really special about it. But surely the solar industry is going to grow and grow, since it does not cost anything except installation.

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solar company will be grow up. Solyndra is going to get at least a full news cycle's worth of attention. for more information you can visit http://solarpanelscost1.com/wind-power-facts

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