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12 September 2012


Robert Sheperd

The Koch brothers was to drop the ITC for wind and solar. This would really hurt.

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This is a big difference. Once we get past all the election cycle hype, both parties essentially agree that our energy future is "all of the above", "solar, wind, gas", "energy independence" or somesuch portfolio approach.

Giana Forzareli

I hope this energy issue doesn't become a platform instead of an actual goal. I feel that both parties will be making promises to fix these issues, the question is if they actually follow up on it. I hope these new developments give heating contractors more jobs. The candidates could combine the two as a platform only if they dedicate part of their presidency to setting a goal.


Both parties realize the importance of renewables, but one party has a demonstrable track record when it comes in implementing a plan. I hope this aspect is given the importance it deserves.

Terhi Hahl

I agree that both of them have only same aim about it.In Finland country issue about solar panel is been solve already.In part of Helsinki Finland many people use to switch on using solar panel specially if they know that they have a good location on installing a solar panel.Many are saying that solar panel can save a lot of electricity which is nice.

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Solar heater is best option to save electricity and money also. In winter it is not more useful because sun provide less heat.

Gerald A.

But even this is not useful in winter still we have the upcoming seasons from spring to fall. It's more beneficial to use solar heater.

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