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14 October 2011


Ford Eversun

Great to see you posted a one sided argument that blames US manufacturers for "not being able to keep up" without a single mention of the subsidies afforded the chinese manufacturers from the Communist party. And yet as I research who YOU are, you are clearly fighting to line your own pockets as a utility scale system provider, the cheaper solar panels you can buy and sell the more money you make...then walk away and don't give a crap about the actual quality of the product or the impact it will have WHEN they start failing. You impress me as a selfpromoting A$$ who doesn't actually give a shit about America or a renewable future, but how to line your pockets in the only current growth industry in the US.

william morgan

I agree with ford eversun.

every time an american manufacturer files a trade action against china the import lobby stabs the american in the back and sides with china.

no different in the solar installation industry.


From GreenTech Media today "We've tried to identify the other American firms that make up CASM, the Coalition of American Solar Manufacturers, and have only been able to identify those that are not part of the effort. Those that are not part of the consortium include SunPower, First Solar, MiaSolé, CaliSolar, MEMC, and Suniva." Anyone know who is behind the trade war? is it 6 big oil companies?

No More Naked Roofs Blogger

Seems like some things never change:

Lin Zexu was the man who was sent by the emperor in the late 1830's to deal with the Ocean People on China's southern coast, the foreigners who were importing opium to pay for tea and silk and porcelain. Lin mentioned how benevolent China was in its own exports, and included perhaps the first and only use in history of rhubarb as a tool of international diplomacy. He appealed to the British to consider the impact upon their bowel movements if Chinese exports of rhubarb, with all its famous laxative effects, were withdrawn. With the British merchants (and their bowels) holding firm in spite of such threats, Lin took a fateful step; in May 1839, he commanded the seizure of two hundred cases of opium and ordered it dumped into the sea. His hard-line stance was just the excuse the British were waiting for. When they retaliated by ravaging large parts of south China and launching the First Opium War, the emperor, who had personally approved Lin's tough policies, dismissed him.

כספות חסינות אש

Actually, I had dispute that the symptoms indicate I were likely to see some big China breakdowns in the future decades as the aggressive industry exacts its cost.

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